Rally Course

Rallye Course

The Rally Course is designed for drivers and passengers and includes the following:

– Structure of the Kitzbühel Alpine Rally
– Explanation of the route
– How do I read my roadbook? What are ‘tulip diagrams’?
– Explanation of the roadbook and examples of diagrams
– Where can I find all the information?
– What do the regulations involve and what should I look out for?
– What ‘tools’/equipment do I need for the rally?
– Explanation of the time card and its significance
– Time and stamp records
– Use of passage controls, time controls, special stage sections
– Methods of timekeeping
– Examples of special stage sections
– Conduct on the track, prohibitions and instructions
– Practical course with training section
– Passenger-driver interaction: Who does the announcing and who does the implementing

The course includes a theory and a practice section. Participants are provided with all the tips and tricks. This is followed by an approx. 1 hour practical course where participants can apply what they learnt in the theory section.The practical course involves driving the rally vehicle which is listed for the rally.

All participants will have sufficient time to prepare for the rally as best they can.


Wednesday, 30th September 2020
Theory: 4 pm – 5.30 pm at Wirtschaftskammer (K3) Kitzbühel
Practice: 5.45 – 6.45 pm

Price: € 200,- € per team (driver/passenger)

Registration until 28th September 2020
(30 People maximum participants)