Startlist 2022

Excerpt from the regulations

2.1. Vehicle admission / Registration plates / Starting order

All vehicles that meet the requirements of the German and Austrian High- way Traffic Law are admissible. This also includes black, seasonal license plates and vintage plates as H-identifiers, and also red 07-numbers.

Starting for both categories takes place on the first day of the rally/ for the prologue in the order of start numbers, the lowest start number first. For the 2nd and 3rd stage/on Friday and Saturday participants of the Alpenrallye-Sport-Trophy will start in the order of the previous day‘s results – NOT in the order of start numbers. Participants in the Alpenrallye-Classic-Trophy al- ways start in order of start numbers.

The participants of the Alpine-Rally-Sports-Trophy start all stages before the participants of the Alpine-Rally-Classic-Trophy. After the last participant of the Alpine-Rally-Sports-Trophy and the first participant of the Alpine-Rally-Classic-Trophy, an interval of 3 minutes will be established.