A Kitzbühel Success Story on Four Wheels

34 years of the Kitzbüheler Alpenrallye – A Story of Success. The Alpenrallye was founded and supported by the Kitzbühel Master Chef, Hasi Unterberger, for many years before his premature death in 2002, and by a circle of involved classic car enthusiasts; three of them are still involved in the rally today: Rupert Mayr-Reisch, Rudi Höfinger and Hartmut Fromm. Other important names from the “Founder’s Period” are Sigurd Bartenstein († 2001), Otto LangerHugo Schlatter (both have since retired from the OK-team) and the long-term OK-leader, Hermann Windbrechtinger († 1999). Together with numerous other dedicated colleagues they shaped the Alpenrallye in its early years.

The Kitzbüheler Alpenrallye is sponsored by the Kitz Promotion GmbH. Members of the organizing committee and their responsibilities are: Rupert Mayr-Reisch, (Director of Gastronomy), Rudi Höfinger (Structures), Dr. Clemens WinklerDr. Hartmut Fromm (Legal), Mike Mayr-Reisch (Gastronomy). Chief of Organization and Business Director of the event is Markus Christ, Press Spokesperson Albin Ritsch (mecon kommunikation).

Handling of the competition portion of the event is in the capable hands of rally professional Detlef Ruf (Rally Director) – in close cooperation with Alfons Nothdurfter and his aids at the Motorsportclub KitzbühelMag. Wolfgang Nölscher is the chief steward, with DI Werner Amend as head of scrutineering, together with his team (Eng. Werner GauschMatthias GrubertDI Werner Decker). The participants’ liaison officer is Josef Pointinger. The specialists at Kart-Data Timing Holzleitner are responsible for timekeeping and evaluation; and the team at Scuderia Tedesco in cooperation with OCC is responsible for route service.

The Kitzbüheler Alpenrallye is viewed as one of the grandest and renowned vintage automobile events in Europe, and besides the world-renowned Hahnenkamm race (skiing world cup) and the Generali-Open-ATP tennis championship, it is one of the top-flight events of the year in Gamsstadt.

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