Kitzbüheler Alpenrallye


33. Kitzbüheler Alpenrallye: 3. until 6. June 2020

Registration Deadline 3rd April 2020

Alpenrallye 2020 presents

exciting new routes and a new class for purists – the ‘Hourglass’ class

Das war die Alpenrallye 2019

lm fünften Anlauf hat’s geklappt: Schorsch Memminger und Christoph Wellmann gewinnen die 32. Alpenrallye.

Alpenrallye 2019: letzte Infos

Zwei Wochen vor Beginn der Rallye präsentierte das Organisationsteam die letzten News zur 32. Alpenrallye.

Classic cars in the heart of the Alps

Gentlemen, start your engines! One of the last bastions for four-wheeled adventurers is calling. Strength, elegance, uninhibited, raw technology in the midsts of mountain beauty. Audaciously conquering Alpine passes, becoming one with the airstream and the lush, green landscape. Over three days, share the joy of the beauty and elegance of classic saloons and nippy sports coupés and enjoy the sophisticated flair of the “sports capital of the Alps”. The Kitzbüheler Alpenrallye quickens the pulses of classic car lovers. One of the most famous and most wonderful events for classic cars in Europe, it is a rally with style and elegance and true experience for all enthusiasts.

Program/Route 2020

New routes, new adventures. Continue to the detailed program for the 33rd Kitzbüheler Alpenrallye and the route plans. Some 600 kilometres on the loveliest Alpine roads are on the agenda at Rallye 2020.


Kitzbühel isn’t just the “sports capital” of the Alps – it’s also the place to be! It’s where style and sport meet, along with international flair and down-to-earth qualities. Kitzbühel is always open for business.


Schorsch Memminger and copilot Christoph Wellmann are the beaming overall champions of the 32nd Kitzbüheler Alpenrallye. Here you’ll find all results – overall and individual results, stages, special test sections, jury assessments. Have fun browsing.



from 3th – 6th June 2020

34th Kitzbühel Alpenrallye: 26th – 29th May 2021